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Wedding Song for Bride and Dad

One More Time
....For the first time in fifty years, a new wedding song written especially for the bride and her dad. This sentimental waltz (sung from the bride's point of view) was written in response to the thousands of requests we received for an alternate choice to "Daddy's Little Girl".
...."One More Time" is traditionally performed at the wedding reception any time following the bride and groom's first dance. There's no doubt that this beautiful song is fast becoming the standard for the father and daughter dance at weddings everywhere.

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You used to love the way
I could dance on your feet
When I was a child of four
And it used to make me mad
When you couldn't see
I wasn't that child anymore
But today I'm a woman
And old enough to know
What this moment
Must mean to you, so...


One more time
I'll be your little girl
One last time
I'm in ribbons and curls
And we'll waltz
Through our memories
Of days gone by
The times that we laughed
And the times we cried
One more time
I'll be your little girl
One last time
But you can be sure
though all of my little girl
Days are through
I still love you
Daddy, I love you

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Words and music © & Published by New Traditions Music / ASCAP
All rights reserved


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