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Wedding Song for Wedding Party

A Wedding Thank You

(Female Vocal)

     This very versatile song can be used by the bride to thank any special person (or persons) in her life. For example, the bride may wish to dance to this song with whomever has given her away (including a brother or a step-dad).....
...."A Wedding Thank You" can also be used as a combined dance for both sets of parents or a special dance for the wedding party.
....Many bands and D.J.s have also told us that this song is often played as a finale dance at the end of the reception.

Available on VOLUME I

...... And now New Traditions also offers a new MALE VOCAL VERSION of A Wedding Thank You.

On this very special day
I think back on all my yesterdays
And the way that you've been there
Always showing me how much you care
Still I seldom took the time
To show the feelings in this heart of mine
And I want you now to know
It was you who gave me strength to grow
So I hope that you won't mind too much
If I take some time today
To say the words of thanks
I always meant to say...


Please let me thank you
With this song of love
To show just how I feel
Let me thank you now
With all my heart
And all our loved ones near
Let me tell the world how much
You've meant to me in every way
I want to thank you
On my wedding day

(Repeat Chorus)

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Words and music © & Published by New Traditions Music / ASCAP
All rights reserved


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