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"What words could I possibly use to describe
my feelings as I heard A Song For My Son
the first time? Unbelievable, beautiful, touching...
the words are endless. But, when I played the CD
for my son...that was the finishing touch.
I shall cherish that moment as long as I live
and I know he will also"

-Janice Freeman

"...Your song told of mothers' hopes and dreams
better than I could ever have told my son.
Thank you for making his day so special
for both of us."

-Sue Betts

"I just finished listening to New Wedding Traditions
that I purchased for use with my DJ servicce.
I wanted to express my personal feelings on how
happy I was with the tape. In short, it was great...
I'm not certain as to how many DJ's have ordered
New Wedding Traditions from the state of Maine,
but if I'm the one of only a few, I consider myself
to be one of the luckiest DJs in the business... "

-Dave Biron
Action Music DJ Service

"...I come from a crying family and this definitely
was a 7-hanky song...I'm still playing the tape
and it still brings tears to my eyes, and I get so
much comfort from it - mainly because my son
thought it was so perfect for us and we cried
together during our dance...Now all Mom's of boys
will finally have their own song to share on that
wonderfully special day. And for that I say
thank you very, very, much."

-Patricia D'Ambra

"A few weeks ago, I ordered the cassette tape of
A Song For My Son for my fiance and his mother...
Because my fiance is what a lot of people would
call "macho", I thought he would find the song
kinda "corney". So I was not prepared for his
tearful reaction as he listened to A Song For My Son
for the first time. I'm not talking about a single tear
running down his cheek...I'm talking
about a complete and total sobbing mess!
And it continued for a half an hour!
When he composed himself, he explained that
one of the things that has been troubling him
was not having a "special" song" for his mom
He turned to me and said,
"Here it is...it's perfect."

-Patricia Burke

"...We took to the floor and it was evident that
there wouldn't be a dry eye in the entire room.
Even the men at the reception were in tears,
especially those who have a mother who
loved them as much as I loved my son.
I was determined to hold my composure through the
song, and did quite well untill my son started crying.
That's all it took for me to lose it all...
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making
this special day even more special for me.
It was truly a special, special moment that
I will cherish the rest of my life."

-Sharon Dunn

"...Your New Wedding Traditions album has become
so popular with our bridal program students!
One day a student, who wanted to learn to dance
for her son's wedding, brought in your CD.
The owner of the studio was impressed by your music.
He choreographed a beautiful Viennese waltz
to A Song For My Son, which I danced with
him at a recent professional competition.
The audience was moved to tears by the beauty
of the dance, mainly because the words to your music
held such meaning...I'm certain your CD's will continue
to be best sellers for a long time to come.. "

-June Marie Schasre
Arthur Murray Studio

"...This song says everything a mother would say
to her son on his wedding day and always.
a great big thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Tobie Nemeth

"...When the time had come to play the song at the
wedding, I think we had most of our guests in tears...
Keep up the g-r-e-a-t work!!
and thank you for making the mother
and son dance a memorable one!!!"

-Patti Anziano

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