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A Mother Knows

This song was written at the onset of the first Gulf War.  It sensitively expresses the mixed emotions of a mother whose son (or daughter) is leaving to serve our country.  A very touching CD - and a great gift for anyone with a friend or family member in the Armed Services.

CD Single - Price: $9.00

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A Mother Knows

  Oh, I wish that I could fix this
And make the hurt all better
Like I could when you were young my child
And only just so high

And I wish that I could stop this war
And calm this stormy weather
And hold you near and keep you here
Safe and by my side

But there's some sad news comin' now
And it's right at our back door
And I fear this time
It's more than I can bear
And I'm sure you've got some feelings, Dear
You may not want to share...

But a mother knows
When her baby's heart is hurtin'
A mother knows
That no child should have to fight
But a mother knows
When our country comes a-callin'
That our children have to do
What the think is right

Remember on the school yard
When the bully pushed you down
How I taught you those who raise their fists
Lower to a fool
Well, it seems some big old foolish boys
Keep comin' back around
And though it isn't right
Sometimes pay the price
For those who break the rules

Now I pray God keeps you safe, My Dear
And you know you're in my heart
And the days that we are parted won't be long
And I know you're trying hard, My Love
To be so very strong...

(Repeat Chorus)

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