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Wedding Anniversary Song

Heaven Knows
....Many anniversary songs tend to be a lot alike. They often paint a pretty picture of how blissful married life has been throughout the years. But anyone who's been married for a long time can tell you that life isn't always a "bed of roses". In fact, one of the secrets of a strong marriage is a willingness to work through those tough times together.
"Heaven Knows" is an anniversary song for husbands and wives who have shared the good times, but who can also say with pride that they faced the storm clouds together and emerged triumphant.

.....................................Available on VOLUME II

I know that we've had some highs and lows
And that it hasn't always been a bed of roses
And I know that it doesn't always show, but...

Heaven knows I couldn't live without you
Heaven knows I'm just as crazy 'bout you now
As that first day you turned my world around,
And heaven knows upon the stars above
I swear I'll never let you go,
What'd I ever be without your love
Only heaven knows.

Man and wife sometimes let the days go by
And they forget to keep the flame
Of love's light burning,
And oh, sometimes they might
even say goodbye, but...

(repeat chorus)

As time goes by
We share the sunlight
And sometimes brave the cold.
But through it all
Through our trials great and small
We survived
And now we stand together side by side.

(repeat chorus)

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