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Wedding Song for Bride and Groom's First Dance

Our First Dance
Without a doubt, choosing a song for the first dance is the most important musical decision that a bride and groom will make for their wedding day.
....Although there are many romantic ballads out there to choose from, very few songs specifically put into words the emotions felt by a man and a woman as they dance together for the first time as a married couple.
....."Our First Dance" is the exception. Sung as a duet, this beautiful song perfectly expresses all the love and anticipation felt by a husband and wife at that magical moment as they take to the dance floor and begin their new life together.

Available on VOLUME II

This is Our First Dance
Take my hand
And make this magic last
For a lifetime,
This is Our First Dance
Hold me close
And we'll start our life
Now as man and wife
And dance Our First Dance

Dance with me my Darling
Whisper sweetly in my ear
As I cherish every vow
You've shared with me,
Let this music take us far away
To that special place
Where lovers stay
And dream of all the joy
That's yet to be...

I'm gonna be with you forever
In perfect harmony
And I'll always be your lover
And your friend
On the wings of love
I know we'll fly
Like a bird our souls
will reach the sky
Together in a song that never ends

And if the world should stop,
Our love will lead us
Back where we began...
Back to Our First Dance

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Words and music © & Published by New Traditions Music / ASCAP
All rights reserved


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