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Wedding Song for Last Dance

To Our Family and Friends
....The end of the wedding reception can often be a time of bittersweet emotions. Certainly everyone shares the happiness of the new bride and groom, and yet no one quite wants the celebration to end. "To Our Family and Friends" is the perfect song to be played for a weddings finale. Beginning as a ballad, this song expresses the gratitude felt by the bride and groom to all their loved ones who have gathered with them on this special day. Then, changing to an up-tempo dance beat, "To Our Family and Friends" provides just the right mood for all those who want that one last chance to "party".

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Here we are a bride and groom
It seems this day went by too soon
Now we stand near the day's end
Sharing the love of our family and friends
You've all been a part
Of this lifetime of love from the start

All of our lives we hoped and we prayed
For a story-book ending this way
But now that the hour is finally near
Just can't let go of this love we hold dear
So let's tell all the world we know
We got love and we won't let go
Hold on...


Hold on, there's a party goin' on
Hold on real tight
Hold on, there's a party goin' on
With our family and our friends tonight

You've joined our celebration
Danced and had some fun
What a better way to end this day
Now that we are one
Get up, get out here
This ain't no time to hide
We want to party till the end of time

(repeat chorus)

Don't let go, tomorrow's gonna have to wait
There's no time like right now
To tell you how we feel
You've made our day a special one
Now all our dreams are real
Get up, get out here, we want you by our side
We want to party till the end of time

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Words and music © & Published by New Traditions Music / ASCAP
All rights reserved


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