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Child of My Child

"Child of My Child - A Grandparent's Prayer" expresses the special love felt by a grandparent for a grandchild. This CD contains both a vocal and an instrumental version of the song. Makes a great gift for that special grandchild in your life.

CD Single - Price: $9.00

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There're so many things that I want to say,
There's so much I wish for you -
So much I hope and pray.

While gazing into your eyes,
Sweet child of my child,
These feelings I feel inside -
I will pray them today.

I pray that there's sunshine
wherever you go,
I pray that you stop sometimes
to watch the flowers grow.

Don't sweat the small stuff,
Keep trying when times get tough,
Keep following rainbows through
'til all of your wishes come true:

And if you stop to dream a while,
I hope you think of me and smile
And remember Child of my Child
I'll love you forever
Whether you go near or far,
I pray you know how much you are
always loved, Child of my Child.

You're just like a gift that brightens my day,
You light up my life, Grandchild,
More than my words can say.

I pray you grow strong and true,
I pray all the best for you,
I pray that if we should part,
you'll know you're still here in my heart.
(Repeat Chorus)

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