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Wedding Song for Cake Cutting

As We Break This Bread
....For as long as anyone can remember, brides and grooms have been cutting their wedding cake to a variation on the song, "The Farmer In The Dell" - and for just as long, brides and grooms have been wishing that someone would write a cake-cutting song that was...shall we say, a little more dignified. In short, they have been searching for a song as beautiful and elegant as the wedding cake itself.
....Sung as a duet, "As We Break This Bread" brings a deeper meaning to the cake-cutting ceremony. By relating the cutting of the wedding cake to the time honored tradition of breaking bread, this beautiful song gives the simple act of cutting cake a true sense of purpose and a lyrical message that the bride and groom can carry with them throughout their lives.

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As we break this bread together
Let's make this promise too...
As we live our lives from day to day
We'll remember the love we feel today
When we break our bread together

As we share this bread together
Let's swear between us two...
As we live our lives from day to day
We'll remember the loved ones here today
When we share our bread together

Day to day
As this busy world goes on its way
We'll take time
And these simple things
will help remind us
Of our Wedding Day

As we bind our lives together
We find this simple truth...
As we live our lives from day to day
Love will help us find our way
As we break our bread together
And share our bread together
And bind our lives together

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Words and music © & Published by New Traditions Music / ASCAP
All rights reserved


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