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Classical Wedding Music - Ceremony Music

classical wedding traditions cd

CD: $18.00

....Due to popular demand, New Traditions is now proud to present "Classical Wedding Traditions" -
a collection of sixteen (16) classical instrumental favorites perfect for your wedding day. All selections are performed by professional classical musicians and recorded and mastered with state-of-the-art technology.

As a bonus, there is a special space provided so that this CD can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding - making this musical collection a perfect gift or keepsake.

"Classical Wedding Traditions"
(click on selected links below to hear audio samples)
....This CD contains the following selections:

track 1:Bridal Chorus (string quartet) R. Wagner
(Suggested for processional) time: 2:18

track 2:"Bridal Chorus" (trumpet and organ) R. Wagner
(Suggested for processional) time: 2:14

track 3:"Air" J.S. Bach
(Sugg. for prelude , processional or ceremony) time: 2:34

track 4:"Brandenburg No. 3" J.S. Bach
(Suggested for prelude or processional) time: 3:33

track 5:"Sleepers Awake" J.S. Bach
(Suggested for prelude or processional) time: 3:26

track 6:"Hornpipe" G.F. Handel
(Sugg. for prelude, ceremony or recessional) time: 1:08

track 7:"Trumpet Voluntary" (flute and strings) J. Clarke
(Suggested for processional) time 3:22

track 8:"Trumpet Voluntary" (trumpet and organ) J. Clarke
(Suggested for processional) time 3:03

track 9:"Greenleeves" (traditional Irish)
(Suggested for prelude or ceremony) time 2:15

track 10:"A Little Night Music" W.A. Mozart
(Suggested for recessional) time 4:10

track 11:"Ode To Joy" L.V. Beethoven
(Sugg. for prelude, recessional or ceremony) time 1:15

track 12:"Hallelujah Chorus" G.G. Handel
(Suggested for recessional) time 3:33

track 13:"Spring" A. Vivaldi
(Suggested for recessional) time 1:50

track 14:"Cannon in D" J. Pachebel
(Sugg. for prelude, processional or ceremony) time 6:24

track 15:"La Rejoissance" G.F. Handel
(Suggested for recessional) time 2:55

track 16:"Bridal March" F. Mendelssohn
(Suggested for recessional) time 2:50


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