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New Wedding Songs - Volume I

CD: $18.00

"New Wedding Traditions - Vol I" contains 14 tracks of songs and music perfect for those special moments and dances at your wedding reception. Tracks 1-7 contain vocals, and tracks 8-14 are instrumental only - for those who would like to sing the songs themselves. The words for each song are printed on the inside. As a bonus, there is a special space provided on the cover so that this CD can be personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the date of their wedding, making it a perfect gift or keepsake.

"New Wedding Traditions
Volume I"
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....This CD contains the following selections:

track 1:"A Song For My Daughter" (male vocal)
(from Father To The Bride) time: 3:35

track 2:"A Song For My Son" (traditional version)
(from Mother To Groom) time: 3:04

track 3:"As We Break This Bread" (male and female duet)
(for the Cake Cutting Ceremony) time: 3:31

track 4:"One More Time" (female vocal)
( from The Bride To Her Father) time: 2:17

track 5:"A Wedding Thank You" (female vocal)
(from the Bride To Friend or Family Member) time: 2:25

track 6:"To Our Family and Friends" (male and female vocals)
(for the Finale Dance) time: 4:54

track 7:"A Song For My Daughter" (female vocal)
(from Mother To The Bride) time 3:35

track 8:"A Song For My Daughter" (Instrumental-1)

track 9:"A Song For My Son" (Instrumental)

track 10:"As We Break This Bread" (Instrumental)

track 11:"One More Time" (Instrumental)

track 12:"A Wedding Thank You" (Instrumental)

track 13:"To Our Family and Friends" (Instrumental)

track 14:"A Song For My Daughter" (Instrumental-2)

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