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How it all began...
....For as long as anyone can remember, brides and their dads have always had a special song for dancing together at wedding receptions. But during all that time, it never seems to have occurred to anyone that perhaps the mother of the groom might also like her own special song for dancing with her son.

....All of that changed in 1991, when Mikki Viereck, a wedding singer and mother of two sons, sat at her kitchen table and wrote the very first mother and groom song in history. She named it, simply, "A Song For My Son".

....Since then, "A Song For My Son" has become a nationwide phenomenon. It has been performed on such television programs as NBC's Today Show, ABC's Home Show, Jeopardy, Lifetime Television, and The QVC Shopping Network. It has also been endorsed by hundreds of newspapers and magazines all across America. But more than anyone else, it has been moms and folks planning weddings who have made "A Song For My Son" a true wedding classic.

....Not long after the release of "A Song For My Son", thousands of requests began pouring in for even more new wedding music. As a result, Mikki started her own wedding music company called New Traditions Wedding Music, and she soon assembled an entire collection of new traditional wedding songs. Her collection now includes new songs for the bride from her mom and dad, the bride and groom's first dance, the cake cutting ceremony, the wedding processional, the finale dance, and many more.

....Due to popular demand, Mikki has also released a CD of classical wedding favorites. Now with her classical CD and with New Wedding Traditions Volumes I & II (Mikki's collection of new and original wedding music), folks have a complete selection of music for all those special wedding day moments.

....When asked about the wonderful success of her wedding music collection, Mikki says, "There are no words to express how I feel knowing that all this started with a song inspired by my own sons. It's an honor to be doing something that is making so many people happy".

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